The best leaders are not the ones who command with authority but who inspire, persuade and encourage others to make their vision a reality. By learning to be a strong influencer and fair negotiator, leaders can build relationships, align priorities and find a win-win that leads to delivered results.


Kavi Bajoria - Director

Director, Mr. Kavi Bajoria is truly one of the most inspiring personality. His immense modesty and down-to-earth charm deceptively hide the magnitudes of his persona and his inspiring accomplishments. He is personality of many dimensions and achievements. He is a true leader in the life and his legaacy KB decor is an example of true leadership, which need to be acknowledged and recognized.

Ravi Bajaria

Ravi Bajoria - Director

Director, Mr. Ravi Bajoria is one of the strong pillar in sales & marekting at KB Decor, he gifted by customer delight communication.

He is a leader who relishes challenges. His multiple roles in sales & marketing have helped him to develop what he calls his ‘stairway to a global mindset’, which challenges us to think fast and think new. He is well networked in the corporate world and Industry Forum.


Uttam Bajoria - Director

Mr. Uttam Bajoria is dynamic leader and one of the director in the organisation. over decades of experience in the curtains business, he has the right combination of knowledge, leadership and business acumen to propel KB Decor to new heights of growth and diversification under his leadership.

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